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Bret dissed a lot of people in that rap that he did.

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The new, patented, Mary Berry Cake Baking Failure Rating System. Running from the ubiquitous 'It's a little bit dry', right through to the death-knell of shop-bought fondant, Mary has an expression for any baking malady.


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That time Richard Herring acted out some Dirty Britcom Confessions on Nick Helm and scarred  me for life. 



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When the dentist asked me how old I was this morning my first thought was that I was 18 but I actually am 20. Can’t believe I turned 20 before I had even come to terms with being 19.

Also I had to have my two fillings replaced, and there’s one on each side so my mouth was numb until 1pm, which was fine until I tried to speak and was unable to successfully communicate the word ‘replacement’ to someone when I was trying to tell them what was going on with my mouth.

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Morrissey:Please don’t have me say anything unpleasant about Coldplay and Radiohead. There’s no point to it, it just looks silly and mean. They’re perfectly good bands, they’re just not to my taste.
Interviewer:You called them Oldplay and Radiodead.
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